Aeromedical & Human Factors


  • The human body is the most important system on any manned aircraft
  • Influenced by external factors such as pressure, oxygen, and chemicals, the body can be incapacitated or degraded through a variety of means
  • Humans are in fact never perfect and it is those human factors which cannot be eliminated that post other hazards to flight

Aeromedical Factors:

Fitness for Flight:

Human Factors:

Angular Acceleration and Semicircular Tubes


  • Once the pilot enters the airplane, the ability to function properly is absolutely essential to safe flight
  • Ignorance of and indifference to the physical demands of flight can be as senseless as the lack of concern for an airplane's structural integrity
  • It is the responsibility of the pilot to consider the status of his or her personal health and to be informed on aeromedical facts