Wildlife & Recreational Area


  • Wildlife and Recreational Areas are established due to the high volume of scenic tour flights and/or to protect noise sensitive wildlife [Figure 1]
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge
Figure 1: National Wildlife Refuge

Sectional Depiction:

    These sensitive areas are indicated on the sectional with lines of blue dots [Figure 2]
    • This depiction is not located on the sectional legend, but rather on the chart, as applicable
    • Notice the minimum altitude for flyover is requested to be 2,000' AGL

Wild Life Airspace Boundaries
Figure 2: Sectional Chart Disclaimer

  • The sectional will have brief notes and depictions that indicate restrictions [Figure 3]

Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge
Figure 3: Sectional Chart Disclaimer

Airport/Facility Directory Airport Restrictions
Figure 4: Airport/Facility Directory Airport Restrictions


  • When operating in these areas, be mindful of bird hazards in addition to other aircraft