Service Bulletin


  • Service Bulletins (SBs) are issued to aircraft owners/operators from the aircraft company
  • SBs are sent out by the company to identify and correct hazards in order to maintain safety
  • Service Bulletin compliance is not mandatory unless stated
Mooney Airplane Company, Inc., Service Bulletin
Figure 1: Mooney Airplane Company, Inc., Service Bulletin


  • 2 types:
    • Emergency
    • Standard


  • Every service bulletin will lay out slightly different but all have the same basic information [Figure 1]

  • Title: the subject of the bulletin
  • Affectivity: the aircraft it applies to
  • Reason: cause for issue
  • Description: narrative of the bulletin
  • Compliance: schedule/requirement to perform
  • Instructions: a walk-through of service steps
  • Approval: shows if the SB has been viewed by the FAA and approved
  • References: appropriate user manuals
  • Parts Required: necessary components
  • Compliance Information: A sign off sent to the company to prove compliance