Instrument Rating
Lesson Plan


  • The below information is taken from the Practical Test Standards which are the metrics used to grade an applicant during their "checkride"
  • This information is critical in preparation for your sport pilot license
  • Each Area of Operation is given a roman numeral
  • Each Task is given a letter
    • NOTE: the letters below may not be in order! Letters which appear missing are not due to error but instead omitted when the tasks do not apply to the topic of this page, of Airplane Single Engine Land
  • The list of sections and tasks used for this page were gathered directly from the PTS found on the FAA's website at:
  • The FAA provides guidance for test taking at:
Sport Pilot PTS


  • A. Pilot Qualifications
  • B. Weather Information
  • C. Cross-Country Flight Planning


  • A. Aircraft Systems Related to IFR Operations
  • B. Aircraft Flight Instruments and Navigation Equipment
  • C. Instrument Cockpit Check

III. Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures:

  • A. Air Traffic Control Clearances
  • B. Compliance with Departure, En Route, and Arrival Procedures and Clearances
  • C. Holding Procedures

IV. Flight by Reference to Instruments:

  • A. Basic Instrument Flight Maneuvers
  • B. Recovery from Unusual Flight Attitudes

V. Navigation Systems:

  • A. Intercepting and Tracking Navigational Systems and DME Arcs

VI. Instrument Approach Procedures:

  • A. Nonprecision Approach (NPA)
  • B. Precision Approach (PA)
  • C. Missed Approach
  • D. Circling Approach
  • E. Landing from a Straight-in or Circling Approach

VII. Emergency Operations:

  • A. Loss of Communications
  • B. One Engine Inoperative During Straight-and-Level Flight and Turns (Multiengine Airplane)
  • C. One Engine Inoperative—Instrument Approach (Multiengine Airplane)
  • D. Loss of Primary Flight Instrument Indicators

VIII. Postflight Procedures:

  • A. Checking Instruments and Equipment


  • To learn more about earning your airplane single engine land sport pilot test, visit the checkride page