Safety Alerts & Information for Operators


  • SAFOs contain important safety information that is often time-critical. A SAFO may contain information and/or recommended (non-regulatory) action to be taken by the respective operators or parties identified in the SAFO. The audience for SAFOs varies with each subject and may include: Air carrier certificate holders, air operator certificate holders, general aviation operators, directors of safety, directors of operations, directors of maintenance, fractional ownership program managers, training center managers, accountable managers at repair stations, and other parties as applicable
  • InFOs are similar to SAFOs, but contain valuable information for operators that should help them meet administrative requirements or certain regulatory requirements with relatively low urgency or impact in safety
  • The SAFO and InFO system provides a means to rapidly distribute this information to operators and can be found at:
    • and
    • or search keyword FAA SAFO or FAA INFO. Free electronic subscription is available on the "ALL SAFOs" or "ALL InFOs" page of the website