National Security Area


  • National Security Areas (NSAs) are established at locations where there is a requirement for increase security and safety of ground facilities
  • Depicted inside a magenta dash, similar as a class echo airspace extension to surface, but larger [Figure 2/3]
  • Special instructions can be found written on the sectional chart, in the vicinity of the NSA [Figure 1]

National Security Area
Figure 1: National Security Area
(Near UT10)


  • Pilots are requested to voluntarily avoid flying through a depicted NSA
  • Regulated under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Part 99
  • Flight inside NSAs may be temporarily prohibited by regulation under the provisions of FAR 99.7 when necessary
    • Regulatory prohibitions will be issued by System Operations, System Operations Airspace and AIM Office, Airspace and Rules
    • Prohibitions will be issued by Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), when required
  • Inquiries about NSAs should be directed to Airspace and Rules

National Security Area Sectional Depiction
Figure 2: National Security Area
Sectional Depiction