Prohibited Airspace


  • Airspace within which the flight of aircraft is prohibited
  • Such areas are established for security and other national welfare reasons
Prohibited Airspace (Sectional Chart)
Figure 1: Prohibited Airspace (Sectional Chart)
Prohibited Airspace (IFR Enroute Chart)
Figure 3: Prohibited Airspace (IFR Enroute Chart)

Prohibited Airspace Characteristics:

  • Prohibited airspace is regulatory in nature and published in 14 CFR Part 73
  • It is established through the rule making process and published in the Federal Register

Prohibited Airspace Depiction:

  • Prohibited areas are published in the Federal Register and are depicted on aeronautical charts
  • The area is charted as a "P" followed by a designation number [Figure 1/3]
  • Prohibited airspace is depicted on aeronautical charts, to include: VFR sectionals and IFR en-route low altitude charts
  • Details about specific prohibited areas are available on the side of the corresponding sectional chart [Figure 2]
Prohibited Airspace Information
Figure 2: Prohibited Airspace Information


  • Remember, no person may operate an aircraft within a prohibited area unless authorization has been granted by the using agency
  • Although permission may be granted, you should consider these areas as off-limits