Telephone Information Briefing Service


  • The Telephone Information Briefing Service (TIBS), provided by Flight Service Stations (FSSs), is a continuous recording of meteorological and aeronautical information; available by telephone throughout the United States
    • Each FSS provides route and/or area briefings in addition to airspace procedures and special announcements (if applicable) concerning aviation interests may also be available
    • Depending on user demand, other items may be provided, such as: Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METAR) observations, Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts, wind/temperatures aloft forecasts, etc.


  • TIBS is not intended to substitute for specialist-provided preflight briefings
    • It is, however, recommended for use as a preliminary briefing; and often will be valuable in helping you to make a "go or no go" decision
  • A TOUCH-TONE™ telephone is necessary to fully utilize the TIBS program
  • Pilots are encouraged to avail themselves of this service
    • TIBS locations are found at FSS sites and can be accessed by use of 1-800-WX BRIEF (992-7433) toll free number or specific published TIBS telephone numbers in certain areas
    • Consult the "FSS Telephone Numbers" section of the Chart Supplement U.S. or the Alaska or Pacific Chart Supplement book