Side-Step Maneuver


  • ATC may authorize a standard instrument approach procedure, which serves either one of parallel runways that are separated by 1,200' or less, followed by a straight-in landing on the adjacent runway
  • ATC will clear you for an approach to one runway and inform the aircraft the landing will be made on a parallel runway


  • Aircraft that will execute a side-step maneuver will be cleared for a specified approach procedure and landing on the adjacent parallel runway
    • "Cleared ILS runway 7 left approach, side-step to runway 7 right"
  • Side-step maneuvers should be executed as soon as possible after spotting the runway environment
  • Compliance with minimum altitudes associated with step-down fixes is expected even after the side-step maneuver is initiated
  • Side-step minima are flown to a MDA regardless of the approach authorized
  • Landing minimums to the adjacent runway will be based on non-precision criteria and therefore higher than the precision minimums to the primary runway, but will normally be lower than the published circling minimums


  • To learn more about instrument procedures, be sure to check out the Instrument Procedures Handbook online or on paperback