Rules & Regulations


Aviation Maintenance:

  • Maintenance can be accomplished by an A&P or by a pilot
  • When conducted by a pilot, it is goverend by the limits of what is considered preventative maintenance
  • When heavy maintenance by an A&P is conducted, it requires compliance be records in an aircraft logbook
  • Documentation can be broken into six main groups:
    • Airframe records and documents
    • Powerplant records and documents
    • Propeller records and documents
    • Avionics records and documents
    • Accessories records and documents (if contained separately)
    • AD Compliance records

Aviation Parts:

  • Owner-produced parts are authorized as outlined in AC 20-62 and regulated in FAR 21.9
    • Owners must specifically be the producer, but not necessarily the manufacturer
  • The part must first be properly designed, conforming to the original manufacturing specifications
  • The part must next conform to the design, meaning the part was produced with the same materials in the same way and tested to the same standards
  • Next, parts must be documented with receipts and traceability information included
  • Finally, the part must be maintained
  • According to the AOPA, the FAA requires that the aircraft owner participate in the manufacture of the part in one of five ways:
    • The owner provides the manufacturer of the part with the design or performance data
    • The owner provides the manufacturer of the part with the materials
    • The owner provides the manufacturer with fabrication processes or assembly methods
    • The owner provides the manufacturer of the part with quality control procedures
    • The owner personally supervises the manufacture of the new part


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