Flight Instructor Lesson Plans


Fundamentals of Instructing:

Private Pilot Airplane Lesson Plans:

  1. Preflight Preparation:

  2. Task B. Airworthiness Requirements
  • Task C. Weather Information
  • Task D. Cross-Country Flight Planning
  • Task E. National Airspace System
  • Task F. Performance and Limitations
  • Task G. Operation of Systems
  • Task H. Human Factors
  • Task I. Water and Seaplane Characteristics, Seaplane Bases, Maritime Rules, and Aids to Marine Navigation (ASES, AMES)
  • Preflight Procedures:

  • Airport and Seaplane Base Operations:

  • Takeoffs, Landing and Go-Arounds:

  • Performance and Ground Reference Maneuvers:

  • Slow Flight and Stalls:

  • Basic Instrument Maneuvers:

  • Emergency Operations:

  • Multiengine Operations:

  • Night Operations:

  • Postflight Procedures:

  • Instrument Rating Airplane Airman Certification Standards:

    1. Preflight Preparation:

    2. Air Traffic Control Clearances and Procedures:

    3. Flight by Reference to Instruments:

    4. Instrument Approach Procedures:

    Commercial Airplane Airman Certification Standards:

    1. Commercial Pilot Airplane Airman Certification Standards

    Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Lesson Plans:

    1. Regulations:

    2. Airspace Classification and Operating Requirements: