Commercial Pilot Airplane
Lesson Plans


Commercial Pilot Airplane Airman Certification Standards/Lesson Plans:

  1. Preflight Preparation:

    • Task A. Pilot Qualifications
    • Task B. Airworthiness Requirements
    • Task C. Weather Information
    • Task D. Cross-Country Flight Planning
    • Task E. National Airspace System
    • Task F. Performance and Limitations
    • Task G. Operation of Systems
    • Task H. Human Factors
    • Task I. Water and Seaplane Characteristics, Seaplane Bases, Maritime Rules, and Aids to Marine Navigation (ASES, AMES)
  2. Preflight Procedures:

    • Task A. Preflight Assessment
    • Task B. Flight Deck Management
    • Task C. Engine Starting
    • Task D. Taxiing (ASEL, AMEL)
    • Task E. Taxiing and Sailing (ASES, AMES)
    • Task F. Before Takeoff Check
  3. Airport and Seaplane Base Operations:

    • Task A. Communications and Light Signals
    • Task B. Traffic Patterns
  4. Takeoffs, Landing and Go-Arounds:

    • Task A. Normal Takeoff and Climb
    • Task B. Normal Approach and Landing
    • Task C. Soft-Field Takeoff and Climb (ASEL)
    • Task D. Soft-Field Approach and Landing (ASEL)
    • Task E. Short-Field Takeoff and Maximum Performance Climb (ASEL, AMEL)
    • Task F. Short-Field Approach and Landing (ASEL, AMEL)
    • Task G. Confined Area Takeoff and Maximum Performance Climb (ASES, AMES)
    • Task H. Confined Area Approach and Landing (ASES, AMES)
    • Task I. Glassy Water Takeoff and Climb (ASES, AMES)
    • Task J. Glassy Water Approach and Landing (ASES, AMES)
    • Task K. Rough Water Takeoff and Climb (ASES, AMES)
    • Task L. Rough Water Approach and Landing (ASES, AMES)
    • Task M. Power-Off 180° Accuracy Approach and Landing (ASEL, ASES)
    • Task N. Go-Around/Rejected Landing
  5. Performance & Ground Reference Maneuvers:

    • Task A. Steep Turns
    • Task B. Steep Spirals (ASEL, ASES)
    • Task C. Chandelles (ASEL, ASES)
    • Task D. Lazy Eights (ASEL, ASES)
    • Task E. Eights on Pylons (ASEL, ASES)
  6. Slow Flight and Stalls:

    • Task A. Maneuvering During Slow Flight
    • Task B. Power-Off Stalls
    • Task C. Power-On Stalls
    • Task D. Acceleration Stalls
    • Task E. Spin Awareness
  7. High Altitude Operations:

    • Task A. Supplemental Oxygen
    • Task B. Pressurization
  8. Emergency Operations:

    • Task A. Emergency Descent
    • Task B. Emergency Approach and Landing (Simulated) (ASEL, ASES)
    • Task C. Systems and Equipment Malfunction
    • Task D. Emergency Equipment and Survival Gear
    • Task E. Engine Failure During Takeoff Before VMC (Simulated) (AMEL, AMES)
    • Task F. Engine Failure After Lift-Off (Simulated) (AMEL, AMES)
    • Task G. Approach and Landing with an Inoperative Engine (Simulated) (AMEL, AMES)
  9. Multiengine Operations:

    • Task A. Maneuvering with One Engine Inoperative (AMEL, AMES)
    • Task B. VMC Demonstration (AMEL, AMES)
    • Task C. Engine Failure During Flight (by reference to instruments) (AMEL, AMES)
    • Task D. Instrument Approach and Landing with an Inoperative Engine (Simulated) (by reference to instruments) (AMEL, AMES)
  10. Postflight Procedures:

    • Task A. After Landing, Parking and Securing (ASEL, AMEL)
    • Task B. Seaplane Post-Landing Procedures (ASES, AMES)


  • To learn more about earning your airplane single engine land Commercial Pilot test, visit the checkride page