Fundamentals of Instructing


  • Fundamentals of instructing are generally not unique to aviation
  • These principles apply to growing up, ground through school, and learning any new hobby/job
  • The study of applied educational psychology underlies the information and theories of learning, and therefore the methods of instruction
>ASA Aviation Instructors Handbook
ASA Aviation Instructors Handbook

Human Behavior:

  • To successfully bring about learning, the instructor must know why people act the way they do, how people learn, and then use this understanding to teach
  • To be an effective instructor, knowledge of human behavior, basic human needs, the defense mechanisms humans use that prevent learning, as well as how adults learn is essential for organizing student activities and promoting a productive learning experience for students

Learning Process:

  • ASA Aviation Instructors Handbook
    ASA Aviation Instructors Handbook
  • The effective instructor understands the subject being taught, the student, the learning process, and the interrelationships that exist
  • An effective instructor also realizes learning is a complex procedure and assists each student in reaching the learning outcomes while helping the student build self-esteem and confidence [Figure 2-1]
  • Through memory, students are able to recall information
  • Once information is learned its important for the instructor to set the conditions for the Retention and Transfer of Learning
  • Scenario-based training helps students relate what they've learned
  • ASA Aviation Instructors Handbook
    ASA Aviation Instructors Handbook

Effective Communication:

  • Effective Communication is simply asking the question, has message sent translated to message received
  • There are various cues and questions you can ask in order to determine if understanding has occurred

The Teaching Process:

  • By using a combination of teaching methods (lecture, group learning, and discussion) and instructional aids (audio/visual and handouts), students can achieve the instructional objective
  • It is through the teaching process that knowledge can be turned into practical knowledge
  • Instructors must therefore understand the concepts and principles pertinent to human behavior, how people learn, and effective communication in order to apply them in the classroom


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