Rules & Regulations


  • There is a saying that the Federal Aviation Regulations are written in blood
  • What it means, is the information contained is there because someone before you has done something which created an unsafe situation that probably resulted in loss of life
  • While difficult to read, and often uninteresting, these regulations are the rules of the sky designed to keep you and other pilots safe
  • Ultimately it creates a known point from which all procedures can then deviate from
Federal Aviation Regulations Cover

Word Usage

  • The concept of word usage and intended meaning as used in most orders and regulations, as well as this website are:
    • "Shall" or "must" means an action/procedure is mandatory
    • "Shall not" or "must not" means an action/procedure is prohibited
    • "Should" is used when application is recommended
    • "May" and "need not" are used when application is optional
    • "Will" is used only to indicate futurity, never to indicate any degree of requirement for application of a procedure

Rules & Regulations: