Takeoff Minimums


  • Takeoff minimums are a regulatory piece of safety

Civil Takeoff Minimums:

  • Takeoff Minimums Example
    Takeoff Minimums Example
  • ODP Takeoff Minimums
    ODP Takeoff Minimums
  • Part 121, 125, 129, and 135 operators must follow their requirements:
    • Must meet the requirements of part 97, or if none are prescribed:
      • For aircraft, other than helicopters, having 2 engines or less - 1 SM visibility
      • For aircraft having more than two engines, 1/2 SM visibility
      • For helicopters, 1/2 SM visibility
      • No pilot may takeoff under IFR from a civil airport having a published obstacle departure under part 97 for the takeoff runway to be used, unless the pilot uses such ODPs or an alternative is assigned
  • An inverted triangle with a capital letter "T" means a textual departure is located in the front of the IAPs indicates an ODP developed solely for obstacle avoidance [Figure 2]
    • Review these before departure!
  • If the pilot does not possess a DP or does not wish to use one, he/she is expected to advise ATC
  • This may be accomplished by stating "NO DP" in the remarks section of the flight plan or by verbally advising ATC
  • ODP Takeoff Minimums
    ODP Takeoff Minimums


  • Pay attention to landing minimums before you worry about takeoff minimums
  • Always make sure you can return to the airfield if you hae an emergency
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