Federal Aviation Regulations


Federal Aviation Regulations:

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    Aeronautical Information Manual
  • The Federal Aviation Regulations is separated into parts

Issuance & Validity:

  • Issued annually
  • A black bar on the sides indicate changes as do bold topics in the contents
  • Usually published with the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) attached in the same publication

Part 91:

  • Except as provided in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section and 91.701 and 91.703, this part prescribes rules governing the operation of aircraft (other than moored balloons, kites, unmanned rockets, and unmanned free balloons, which are governed by part 101, and ultralight vehicles operated in accordance with part 103 of this chapter) within the United States, including the waters within 3 NM of the U.S. coast
  • Each person operating an aircraft in the airspace overlying the waters between 3 and 12 nautical miles from the coast of the United States must comply with 91.1 through 91.21; 91.101 through 91.143; 91.151 through 91.159; 91.167 through 91.193; 91.203; 91.205; 91.209 through 91.217; 91.221, 91.225; 91.303 through 91.319; 91.323 through 91.327; 91.605; 91.609; 91.703 through 91.715; and 91.903
  • This part applies to each person on board an aircraft being operated under this part, unless otherwise specified
  • This part also establishes requirements for operators to take actions to support the continued airworthiness of each airplane

Special Federal Aviation Regulations:


  • The FAA publishes the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) to make readily available to the aviation community the regulatory requirements placed upon them
    • These regulations are sold as individual parts by the Superintendent of Documents
  • The more frequently amended parts are sold on subscription service with subscribers receiving changes automatically as issued
    • Less active parts are sold on a single-sale basis
    • Changes to single-sale parts will be sold separately as issued
    • Information concerning these changes will be furnished by the FAA through its Status of Federal Aviation Regulations, AC 00-44
  • The FAR is law, and thereby regulatory unless granted an FAA exemption
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