Cockpit Management


  • Cockpit management are the actions and procedures, starting with preflight, in which all necessary equipment, documents, checklists, and navigation charts appropriate for the flight are on board and easily accessible
  • With this comes the need to keep things organized to reduce Foreign Object Debris (FOD) and confusion in flight

Flight Deck Management Importance:


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  • If a portable intercom, headsets, or a hand-held global positioning system (GPS) is used, the pilot is responsible for ensuring that the routing of wires and cables does not interfere with the motion or the operation of any control
  • Loose objects that might be tossed about if turbulence is encountered must be secured
  • The pilot must be able to see inside and outside references
  • If the range of motion of an adjustable seat is inadequate, cushions should be used to provide the proper seating position
  • When the pilot is comfortably seated, the safety belt and shoulder harness (if installed) should be fastened and adjusted to a comfortably snug fit
    • The shoulder harness must be worn at least for the takeoff and landing, unless the pilot cannot reach or operate the controls with it fastened according to FAR 91.107
    • 14 CFR part 91 requires the pilot to ensure that each person on board is briefed on how to fasten and unfasten his/her safety belt and, if installed, shoulder harness
    • This should be accomplished before starting the engine, along with a passenger briefing on the proper use of safety equipment and exit information with a demonstration if required
  • If the seats are adjustable, it is important to ensure that the seat is locked in position
    • Accidents have occurred as the result of seat movement during acceleration or pitch attitude changes during takeoffs or landings
    • When the seat suddenly moves too close or too far away from the controls, the pilot may be unable to maintain control of the airplane
  • Airplane manufacturers have printed briefing cards available, similar to those used by airlines, to supplement the pilot's briefing
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Flight Deck Management Techniques:

Flight Deck Management Airman Certification Standards:

  • To determine that the applicant exhibits satisfactory knowledge, risk management, and skills associated with safe flight deck management practices
  • References: FAA-H-8083-2, FAA-H-8083-3; AC 120-71; POH/AFM
  • Flight Deck Management Lesson Plan

Flight Deck Management Knowledge:

The applicant must demonstrate an understanding of:
  • PA.II.B.K1:

    Passenger briefing requirements, to include operation and required use of safety restraint systems
  • PA.II.B.K2:

    Use of appropriate checklists
  • PA.II.B.K3:

    Requirements for current and appropriate navigation data

Flight Deck Management Risk Management:

The applicant demonstrates the ability to identify, assess, and mitigate risks, encompassing:
  • PA.II.B.R1:

    Improper use of systems or equipment, to include automation and portable electronic devices
  • PA.II.B.R2:

    Flying with unresolved discrepancies

Flight Deck Management Skills:

The applicant demonstrates the ability to:
  • PA.I.B.S1:

    Secure all items in the flight deck and cabin
  • PA.I.B.S2:

    Conduct an appropriate pre-takeoff briefing, to include identifying the PIC, use of safety belts, shoulder harnesses, doors, sterile flight deck, and emergency procedures
  • PA.I.B.S3:

    Program and manage the airplane's automation properly


  • You may consider investing in a Flight Bag [Amazon]
    • A bag will keep all of your flight related materials together and organized for when you want to plan your next flight
    • It is not recommend however, using this bag in flight as it takes up a lot of space and can be cumbersome
  • Kneeboards [Amazon] allow you to organize your maps, flight logs, and any other reference material in an accessible location during the flight
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