Advisory Circular


  • Advisory Circulars (ACs) are non-regulatory guidance and information published by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the community
  • Can be found on the FAA's website at
  • ACs can be ordered through the Department of Transportation (DOT)

Heading Information:

  • Advisory Circular Header
    Advisory Circular Header
  • Advisory Circular
    Advisory Circular 00-65
  • Subject:

    • Simply the title of the advisory circular
  • Date:

    • Date of that advisory circular release
  • Advisory Circular Number:

    • There are three parts to an AC number
    • Part 1 - Subject Matter Area:

      • The first part of the number identifies the subject matter area of the AC and corresponds to the appropriate 14 CFR part
      • For example, an AC on "Certification: Pilots and Flight and Ground Instructors" is numbered as AC 61-65E
    • Part 2 - Sequence:

      • Since ACs are numbered sequentially within each subject area, the second part of the number beginning with the dash identifies this sequence
    • Part 3 - Revision:

      • The third part of the number is a letter assigned by the originating office and shows the revision sequence if an AC is revised
      • The first version of an AC does not have a revision letter
      • For example, AC 61-65E reflects that this is the fifth revision, as designated by the "E"
  • Initiated by:

    • Lists who issued the advisory circular
    • AFS: Aviation Flight Standards District
  • Changes

Body Information:

  • Purpose
  • Cancellation
  • Related Reading Material
  • The remaining of the circular will discuss information about the subject matter

Use of an Advisory Circular:

  • Provide an acceptable, clearly understood method for complying with a regulation
  • Standardize implementation of a regulation or harmonize implementation for the international aviation community
  • Resolve a general misunderstanding of a regulation
  • Respond to a request from some government entity, such as General Accounting Office, NTSB, or the Office of the Inspector General
  • Help the industry and FAA effectively implement a regulation
  • Explain requirements and limits of an FAA grant program
  • Expand on standards needed to promote aviation safety, including the safe operation of airports


  • The FAA issues Advisory Circulars (ACs) to inform the aviation public in a systematic way of non-regulatory material
    • Unless incorporated into a regulation by reference, the contents of an advisory circular are not binding on the public
    • Advisory Circulars are issued in a numbered subject system corresponding to the subject areas of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) (Title 14, Chapter 1, FAA)
  • AC 00-2, Advisory Circular Checklist and Status of Other FAA Publications, contains advisory circulars that are for sale as well as those distributed free-of-charge by the FAA
  • AC 00-2 is issued annually and can be obtained free-of-charge from:
    • U.S. Department of Transportation
    • Subsequent Distribution Office
    • Ardmore East Business Center
    • 3341 Q 75th Avenue
    • Landover, MD 20785
    • Telephone: 301-322-4961
  • AC 00-2 may also be found at: under Advisory Circulars
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