Aileron Roll


  • An aileron is a constant 360° roll about the aircraft's longitudinal axis
  • Develop skills to maintain lineup with a reference heading and to retain spatial orientation while flying through the inverted position

All procedures are GENERALIZED.
Fly the maneuver in accordance with the Pilot Operating Handbook (POH)
and/or current Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Stall/Aerobatic Checklist:

  • Cockpit: Clear of lose objects
  • Seat Belts: Locked and tight
  • Autoignition/Fuel Pump: On
  • Engine Instruments: Checked
  • Report: Stall/aerobatic checklist complete

Additional Considerations:

  • Ensure pockets are zipped and the map-case is secured to prevent loose items from going airborne


  1. Give an instrument, gas, and position report (IGP)
  2. CONFIGURATION: transition to aerobatic cruise
  3. Complete the stall/aerobatic checklist
  4. CODES: 4700
  5. Perform a clearing turn
    • Roll out on a section line
    • Anticipate the section line to roll out on it vs. searching after your clearing turn
  6. Stacks: raise the nose to place the exhaust stacks on the horizon while keeping the wings level
  7. Relax: stop nose movement by relaxing back stick pressure
  8. Rudder: direction of roll
  9. Roll: lateral stick deflection in the direction of roll
    • Slight forward stick will be required to keep the nose at the same level
    • Rudder application will be light or it will kick the tail out
    • Roll right to avoid fighting torque effect
    • The amount of stick deflection will determine your rate of roll
    • If the rate of roll is too slow, the nose will fall below the horizon and a rolling pullout will result
    • As you approach the wings level attitude, ease out aileron and rudder pressure to recover with the wings level and the nose attitude reset for level flight

Aileron Roll Common Errors:

  • Failure to adequately clear the area
  • Unintentionally introducing a little forward or aft stick, which results in a (sometimes uncomfortable) mini-barrel roll
  • Rolling through more than 360°
    • Anticipate roll out by up to 60° early to mitigate this