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Aviation Information comes from a variety of sources, which requires a lifetime of dedication to perfect.

The CFI, or Flight Instructor Notebook, is an instructor's guide to navigating the sea of resources to provide useful guidance for their students and themselves. Our notebook aims to enhance pilots' aeronautical knowledge by explaining various topics and referencing their sources to enable further learning.

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Preparation to teach a student requires time and effort, which comes in the form of a lesson plan. Every CFI has their personal preferences, but we can help you get started.

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Trivia rolls-over daily, at midnight, Mountain Standard Time

Question of the Day

Alcohol is prohibited 1) for at least 8 hrs after last drink; 2) while under the influence of alcohol; and, 3) while having an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater in the blood or breath specimen.

Advice of the Day

Save old U.S. Chart Supplement legends. While the book itself may expire, a separate legend makes for a great reference when looking through a current U.S. Chart Supplement.

Airplane of the Day

Aircraft of the Day

Learn more: Cessna 318

Helicopter of the Day

Helicopter of the Day

Learn more: Bell AH-1 Cobra

System of the Day

Hydraulics and Pneumatics: Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems provide mechanical advantage to system components

Aviator of the Day

Aviator of the Day

Wilbur Wright: Learn More!

Regulation of the Day

FAR 91.143: Flight limitation in the proximity of space flight operations

Maneuver of the Day

Soft Field Takeoffs: Soft field takeoffs are used to obtain maximum performance when departing from a soft or rough runway surface

Emergency of the Day

Engine Failure: The total loss of power requires immediate actions which depend upon speed (life) and altitude (life insurance)

Powerplant of the Day

PT-6: The?Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6?is a?turboprop?aircraft engine?produced by?Pratt & Whitney Canada

Event of the Day

Coming Soon

Mishap of the Day

WPR20CA087: The NTSB determines the probable cause(s) of this accident to be: The pilot's failure to maintain clearance from a parked airplane during taxi operations at night.